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My tips and tricks April 30, 2012

Filed under: General Cross Stitchings — K. Marie @ 10:08 PM

I find that I cross stitch by strands instead of in any type of pattern. I know this typically isn’t how cross stitching is done but it works out beautifully for me because I can see how the picture is coming together. I’ll start with one color and work with it until I run out of the set I started with (the set being the strands that are wrapped together, usually 6 to a set) then I’ll start on another one that is around the first set so that I’m actually working from the inside out.
If the pattern calls for 2 strands I have found that it is easier to take one strand and double it up instead of taking two and having to cut it so it’s not too long. If it’s doubled up it’s half the size of the strand and works perfectly without getting knotted.
*If you’re new to cross stitching it will be to your benefit to get a hoop or frame of some type to hold your fabric in. It’s much easier to do this way and cuts down on frustration quite a bit!!


2 Responses to “My tips and tricks”

  1. Missus Tribble Says:

    I always start at the centre and work my way outwards. My favourite trick is to concentrate on one square section of the pattern at a time (apart from when this clearly won’t be possible) and watch the blobs of colour turn in to something recognisable.

  2. K. Marie Says:

    That sounds like it’d be an awesome way to watch the picture evolve and turn into something beautiful. I’m not sure I can do the squares because I tend to “venture out” when I have some more strands of the color I was working with and then I just go stitch crazy. Lol

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