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Need help deciding May 3, 2012

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I’m thinking of getting a scroll frame for my projects and found one here: http://www.downsunshinelane.com/rolaframes.htm

I was wondering if anyone has tried these frames. I like that they can be rolled up to store the project you’re working on and I think that’ll make it easier to take them with me when we go visit family. (Yes I want to take them everywhere. Yes I may be addicted to cross stitching. Hehe) I also need a tote or something to carry my stuff in if anyone knows where I can get a functional and possibly cute one. 🙂

Also, has anyone tried a lap stand or a floor stand? I think that would help me out quite  a bit because I sometimes tend to stitch with two hands and that’s a bit hard when you’re having to hold the projects.


14 Responses to “Need help deciding”

  1. Ginny Says:

    I currently use scroll frames similar to what was in your link. Slide the fabric in the scrolls and roll up and attach extender bars. I have always stitched with these, but I always hate using them when I bead. So I am looking into getting new scroll frames from American Dream Products at http://www.adp-usa.com I am also looking into seeing if a friend can make them for me.

    • K. Marie Says:

      How do you attach your work to the scroll frames from ADP? Do you velcro them or slide them in and roll?

      • Ginny Says:

        The ADP scrolls have 2 ways to attach your piece: velcro and basting to a scroll rod with webbing. Here is a tutorial from TJ to show you how to make your own scroll rods similar to ADP but she tapes her piece to the rods. http://www.tajinaz9.blogspot.com/p/tutorial-for-making-scroll-rods.html
        I like the idea of just taping my piece to a scroll rod and am looking into seeing if a friend can make them.

      • K. Marie Says:

        Hmmm….i don’t think I like the idea of having to attach my work to something. I’d rather slide it through the slits. I’m just nervous I’m going to end up messing up somehow if i have to attach then unattach it

      • Ginny Says:

        I currently use the split dowel scroll rods and have used them for about 22 years. I love them. They get my work nice and tight for stitching. I am wanting the larger ADP scrolls with the 24″ extenders so that I don’t have to roll my work up when beading. I like to use a hoop on smaller pieces and when I am working on afghans.

      • K. Marie Says:

        I see Ginny. Rolling up ur beads might cause quite a mess. Lol. Thanks for all ur help. I think I’m going to get the ones that I linked. If u know where I can get any split ones I’ll look at those too. Thanks again!!

      • Ginny Says:

        Hi. I purchase my split dowel scroll rods at Joann Fabrics. They have them in several different lengths.

  2. Julie Says:

    I have two entire sets of the scroll frames from American Dream Products. I have both the “old” style that you sew your fabric directly onto, as well as the “new” style that uses velcro to attach the material. I still prefer the set that uses sewing to attach the fabric. I LOVE these frames. The deluxe kit is a little pricy, but it allows you to make almost any size frame. The frames you are considering are similar, but I’ve never used them. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a scroll frame and the floor stands are great for two-handed stitchers!

  3. cross(stitch)yourheart Says:

    I’ve used scroll frames before and I honestly can’t stand them, I much prefer using a hoop when I have to travel with a project. For me the scroll frames are just too hard to maneuver when stitching. That being said, I do like the scroll frames on a floor stand which I use at home. Having them attached to a stand is fantastic if you have a designated place you stitch and you can attach a clip light to it as well.

    As far as tote bags you can find some cute ones on amazon. I have a bag I use to carry my hoop, two boxes of assorted thread, pattern, and two pairs of scissors which I actually got for free at Bath and Body Works with a purchase. I’d just say keep an eye out for free giveaways or oversized purses.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Are the scroll frames hard to hold because they’re big??

      And thanks for the tip about the tote!! I definitely need one to take with me so I don’t have a bunch of loose stuff flying around in the car. Lol

  4. janicelynn Says:

    i almost always use some type of frame for my stitching and i own the rolaframe. it has it’s pros and cons. the pro is huge — you don’t have to sew your fabric onto the bars making it easy to get a project started or to swap out projects without having to buy more bars. the cons: it’s not easily adaptable to lap or floor frames and it’s a bit harder to get a nice tension. the split bars catch on the side bars as you roll the fabric — not something that can’t be overcome but it is annoying. also, for me, the tacks used to secure the fabric seem to be spaced a bit too far apart.

    i also use and prefer the k’s creations scroll frames — i currently have projects on both and plan to phase out the rolaframe.

    for projects on stretcher bars i prefer the gripit floor frame (no longer made but can be found on eaby). for projects on scroll frames or large projects i prefer the k’s stands and i use both the floor and lap frames.

    • K. Marie Says:

      When you say that it’s not easily adaptable to lap or floor frames do you mean that I won’t be able to fit them on a lap or floor frame or I need a particular type or brand?

      Also, if it’s possible could you post a link to the k’s creastion scroll frames? I can’t seem to find them and when I think I do my computer starts going really, really sloooooow.


      • janicelynn Says:

        most scroll frames are attached to a stand using a bolt assembly that goes through a hole drilled into the side bars. the rolaframe side bars are split, i couldn’t figure out a way to attach rolaframe to the stand without using a clamp (designed for use with qsnaps and stretcher bars).

        there are several styles of floor stands. if you look at the k’s creations website at http://www.kscreations.com/ you will see stands where the needlework is attach at the top, on one side, or on both sides. if you select a floor stand that uses a clamp, you need to decide if you are willing to have your roller bar with your fabric in the clamp. if not, then the side bar will need to be in the clamp — fine for smaller pieces but could be a problem with wider pieces.

        i’ll post a couple of pics on my blog to show my stand with the rolaframe.

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