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Friday update 5/4/12 May 5, 2012

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I’ve gotten quite a but done I think but I made some mistakes. Eeek. I’m doing the black with 4 strands because the fabric was showing through. I don’t think it looks too thick and it gives it a bit of extra oomph. Lol


7 Responses to “Friday update 5/4/12”

  1. kaghos Says:

    you sure are making great progress

  2. Missus Tribble Says:

    I was taught by a highly skilled cross-stitcher. She always told me “Those aren’t mistakes – they’re personal touches to make the work yours alone”. I’ve never forgotten that πŸ™‚

  3. Ginny Says:

    Your piece is coming along nicely. And good for you for “thinking out of the box” and adding your own touch with the 4 strands. I think it looks great!

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