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Tuesday update May 8, 2012

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It seems like I am so close yet so far. *sigh*




Placed the order….just waiting for the arrival!!

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I’m so excited because I just placed an order, well 2 actually, for my first scroll frames!! I ordered a Homecrafters Deluxe Hardwood Scroll Frame (6 by 12) and the one that was posted in my link. I ordered 2 because I wanted to see which one would work better for me. If all goes well then I’ll be able to have 2 scroll frames that I love and be able to use both of them!!

If I like how they work out I’m probably going to order more but right now I’m taking it a bit slow. Hehe.

Right now I’m just uber excited for them to get here!! I’ll post pics when they arrive and hopefully they’ll have projects on them!!

*I bet you can’t tell how excited I am by all the !!’s on here. Lol.