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New project May 13, 2012

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So I was going to work on a footprints work for the hubby but found a piece that was partially started and I figured I couldn’t just leave it there so I’ll do that one first.

Here is my new WIP


It’s quite nice and I think it’ll look really good in a frame. I’ve put it on my scroll frame I got in the mail so I can test drive it.  😉


10 Responses to “New project”

  1. Wow this will look stunning! I’ve never used a scroll frame before, only a hoop. As my projects are getting larger I was considering investing in one, are the easy to use?

    • K. Marie Says:

      Well right now it’s a bit awkward to use because I’ve never used one before but I think that with the way it feels the longer I use it the more comfortable I’ll be with it. This project has a bigger cloth than I thought it would so it was good to roll it up instead of having it hanging out of my hoop, even my biggest one was too small for it.

      I have another one coming in the mail so I’ll use that one on the project after this one and I’ll let you know which one I find to be easier to use.

  2. kaghos Says:

    very nice start, keep those needles smoking

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thanks. It feels good to be seeing my projects take shape. This one has a bit more detail to it than I originally thought so maybe I won’t be done when I wanted to be. Hehe

  3. Ginny Says:

    Your new start looks fabulous. Love the contemporary look of the lady. I think you will enjoy working on the scroll frame. Like I said before, I have used them for 20 years or so and I LOVE them. I have only used the slit frames but am trying to see if a friends hubby can make me plain scrolls that I can tape my fabric to and larger extenders so that I can see my entire piece when beading. If you live near a Joann Fabrics or Joann Etc., they sell the scroll frames with the slits. That is where I have always purchased mine. And with a 40% coupon that’s a great buy. They also have different sizes. If you don’t live near a Joann’s, you may be able to purchase on-line.
    I look forward to seeing your progress on your new project. Happy stitching!

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thanks Ginny. I love the look too. I’m going to frame her in a simple black frame so that she’ll “pop” when she’s done.
      I don’t live near a Joann’s, well I probably do but there is no way I’m driving into Austin to find out LOL, but my sister-in-law does so when we go down to visit her I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks!!

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