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Tuesday update May 22, 2012

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I have finally been able to start some outlining!! I think it doesn’t look like too much because the scroll I have it on is so short. Hmmm, I may have to get another one thats longer.

But now for the pics….


I took another one that shows where it is on the picture too so maybe it can be seen better.


I’m just about done with the bottom quarter and I can scroll up to work on the next part.

I’m excited to be getting it done but not sure how much I’ll get done this week. The hubby had to catch up on college work so hes off work for the next 7 days. Yay!! But this means I’ll want to spend more time with him. I’ll try to get some stitching in after I finish my school work this week and while he catches up on his. Wish me luck and quick stitching this week!!


Some nail art ramblings

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Other than school work, cross stitching and family time my thing is nails. I’m hardly ever without nail polish and usually have a design of done short on my nails. I’ve even collected a large amount of polishes.  🙂   My hubby puts up with all of my little obsessions and I love him do much more for it. Lol. I thought I’d just post a pic of my nails and my collection so I can add to my ramblings.  😉



This is my current nail design. My little brother is graduating from hs next week so I’ll probably add another post then.


My daughter loves me to do get nails too but shes only 4 so it’s hard to get some designs on there. Hehe.

And of course my nail polish collection….


I swear it’s not an obsession, I’m simply very dedicated.  😉