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Friday update – late but nothing new May 27, 2012

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There are no pictures of progress with this post simply because I didn’t do any stitching at all since Tuesday. I wanted so badly to stitch because I felt like it would make me feel better but it just didn’t happen that way. The hubby came home and we had a movie night instead so after that we were pretty tired. I have done some stitching since then though so hopefully my next post will have more progress to show. The hubby’s cousin and his girlfriend are coming over today so we’re going to be busy busy today.


**I want to say an extremely big thank you to all of you who posted words of encouragement on my previous rambling post. I didn’t know where to turn so knowing that I can sometimes turn to my blog when I have to rant or rave about something without getting brought down for it is a great help. Thank you all!!!!!!!  ❤