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Friday update June 29, 2012

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I feel like I accomplished quite a bit this time. I’m working on the second footprint and then getting to the water. It’s coming along nicely.


It doesn’t look exactly like the other footprint but the outlined shape is still there.


You can almost see where the waves would come in on the bottom right part.

As far as the stitches go I’ve hit 2,000!! I’m on an even 2,000 right now. That means that so far I’ve done 13.8% of the project. That’s quite a jump!! I had to go back and recheck my numbers but, sure enough, I was right. I’m getting that itch to want to start a new project but I’m going to keep this one going. I think once I get to the other side of the cross it’s going to seem as if I’m getting more accomplished.  🙂


I gave up trying to hide it June 28, 2012

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I forgot to let everyone know that I’m really bad at keeping suprises. Because of this hubby has known for a few updates what it is that I’m working on. When I first showed him he said it looks like a footprint and a moon with a crater in it. What??? *shot through the heart and you’re too late; you give footprints a bad name* I almost clutched my chest and fell over in heart break!! He saw the footprint but it didn’t click that that’s what I was working on. So I gave him a little HMPH!! and put it away.

The next day he saw it again and after looking at it for a little while he realized what it was. Then, after I looked at it I saw the “moon” that he was talking about. The seashell does kind of look like a moon because it’s not outlined yet. Lol. So now I don’t feel so bad.  🙂

It’s coming along slowly and I don’t think that he’s watching me every time I get to working on it so it may be a bit of a suprise even though he knows what it is.

Oh I’m so bad at suprises.  0_0


Updated thread stash June 27, 2012

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Before I had quite a nice thread stash, but then I won the 2 ebay auctions and my stash more than tripled. I’m so happy that it’s so big because that means that I can save money on buying thread when I want to do one of the projects out of the magazines!!

Stash before….


Stash after….


Both of the pics are at a weird angle, but you can still see how much more there is now. I’m winding the thread onto plastic bobbins because most of them were on cardboard ones and I don’t like those too much; they are too flimsy and get torn easy. It’s quite a bit of work but I like seeing which threads there are.  🙂


My first ever cross stitch magazines

When we were at nanas we went to Michaels so she can pick up some things and we got there right when they were closing. As soon as we walked out of the store and they had closed the store bug tells me she has to go potty. Really?? There was a B&N across the way so we shot over there so she could go to the bathroom. Of course, once we got in there everyone had to go and look at their sections that they were interested in.

I started looking for cross stitch books but the only one I found was an Ed Hardy cross stitch patterens book and that’s not something that I would stitch so I got discouraged and bug and I wandered around the store. We ended up in the magazine section and I was able to find quite a few cross stitch magazines.

After looking through them I found 2 that had Joan Elliot patterns in them. I jumped at the chance to get them. They’re Cross Stitch Collection, 6/2012 – Issue 210 and Cross Stitch Gold, 8/2012 – Issue 31 (which is shown as issue 93 too so I’m not sure which number it is).

I am looking forward to doing the Sleeping Beauty in Gold and the Butterfly Fairy in Collection. I’m probably going to do the Geishas in Gold for my mother-in-law because she has a whole front room decorated with orientals and it’d go perfectly. I’m not going to lie, I really wanted the patter for Joan Elliot’s Summer Goddess but they didn’t have it in the issue yet and the people and B&N don’t know when they get the next issue in. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for it.

All in all, I’m so happy I picked these up and finally have some cross stitching magazines. I can honestly say that they aren’t going to be my last.  🙂


Cricket invasion!!

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We have been battling crickets for the past few weeks in our house. We have no idea where they came from or why they won’t leave but they are everywhere!! We’ve sprayed bug spray around the borders of our house and our garage door. I even went to drastic measures because we thought that they were coming from the garage and I coated our garage floor with the bug spray. That kept them away for a day and a half, but then they came back!!

I was in town for my knee appt. yesterday and there were crickets in there too!! I feel like we’re being overrun by them and they are in every place in town where we go. I have no earthly idea what brought them about because we’ve lived here for almost 4 years and they have never been like this.

Anyone know how to get rid of crickets or keep them from coming back without an exterminator??


Is private school worth it??

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Well bug is 4 going on 5 and I really want to send her to Pre-K. She’s such a smart girl already but the only people she’s usually around is hubby and me. I would love for her to go to school, not only to learn but to be around kids her age as well. She loves playing with kids but because she’s around us most of the time she’s getting to be really shy and quiet around them. Hubby thought it was a good idea too, so our adventure began….

There are a few private schools in our town (we’ve always wanted to send her to private school because we feel like it’s a bit more intimate between the faculty and the students because there are so few of them) so we set our sights on one and set up a tour; we initially wanted to try and get her into Kinder but they were full so Pre-K it was. After being shown around the little school and meeting some of the teachers and other staff we fell in love with the school. They gave us all of the paperwork to fill out and the tuition chart.

*Cut to us sitting at home that evening* After we thought about it we realized that we did have a way to pay for her tuition for Pre-K so that she could go this year and we had everything else figured out. Then we started thinking, it came out to $4,002 for Pre-K and the price would go up from there. That price is the tuition plus the registration fee (which we understand) plus $100 for school supplies. This is where hubby raised a red flag. $100 for school supplies?? Are they crazy?? I thought it was simply because it was the supplies plus any extra for projects and whatnot but after a while of thinking about it I, too, had to admit that was quite a bit.

So, we not only took that into account but we also thought about how we would have to pay for the following years as well. (The school is only up to 4th grade and then we’d have to send her somewhere else.) It would come out to around $30,000 for Pre-K thru 4th grade to send her there. That’s way too much to justify. I realize that it’s much more expensive in other places but for our cost of living and the median income in our area it’s much more than people can afford.

I looked into the schools that we have and the one the we are in the area of (we have 5 elementary schools in our town) I was honestly suprised to see that their test scores aren’t only higher than all but one of the other schools but also higher than the district and state scores.

So, we have decided to wait until next year to send her to public school and see how that goes. We just really want her to like it and be happy. We have until next year to teach her some more about her numbers and letters so she’ll be uber prepared.  🙂


In case you get bored….

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Just for a small heads up, there is going to be a time in the near future when there will be some mass blogging going on. I’m not sure if it’ll be today but it will be soon. The blogs will range from our recent cricket battle, cross stitch magazines and other ramblings.

If you get bored then swing by this week and get an overloaded dose of blogging. Hehe  😉


Tuesday update (@ 12:04 am)

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Sadly I didn’t get much stitching done between the two updates. It was a busy day today but I did get some done. It looks a little more filled in now.



I thought about not adding the pictures but figured that I wanted to keep up with it as long as there was some change.

I only got 159 more stitches done which means I’ve now completed 8.46%. It’s definitely getting there slower than I wanted but it’s still trudging along.


New (real) gold needles June 26, 2012

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I was a bit disappointed to find out that my needles I ordered which were supposed to be gold actually weren’t, they were simply gold holed needles. I didn’t realize until I opened them but figured that I would give them a shot. They did work a bit better than the other needles I had been using but I was always on the lookout for actual gold needles.

When we went with nana and her family to Michael’s this weekend I spotted some and hubby so graciously bought them for me.  🙂


I’m so happy that I finally got some and can’t wait to use them. Since I still have so much to do on the Footprints I’m going to finish working with the thread then use the gold ones. I’ll let you know how they work out!!


Friday update – uber late June 25, 2012

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I didn’t get to post my Friday update because everything was pretty hectic. We packed up on Friday night and went down to visit my sister-in-law nana’s (It’s not really her nickname but I think it’s close enough and pretty funny when you say it. Hehe.) family and take thumper (nicknamed over the weekend because when she was napping in her car seat her head would thump back and forth when it moved around) and bug to Sea World. Bug and thumper are only a month apart so they had a lot of fun together. We stayed at her house on Saturday because we spent a good 6 hours or so in the sun and water at Sea World so we were drained. It was nice to get out of town for a bit and see their family because we hardly ever get to see them anymore. Then we came back late on Sunday because me and hubby went to see Promethius (I definitely DON’T recommend that movie) and the drive back took a little more than an hour and a half. Mix that with the tiredness we still felt from the fun in the sun on Saturday and we were out!!  🙂  We had quite a weekend, but I did snap a pic of my progress before it got too busy.



It seems like I didn’t get much done but, here comes the progress percent….

I got 687 stitches done meaning that I am now 7.4% complete with the pattern. That makes me feel a little bit better. I haven’t done anything else with it so I can’t promise that tomorrow’s update will be any more progressive because I have an appointment for my knee tomorrow so it’s going to be another busy day!!