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Finally framed!! June 5, 2012

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Boy I have a lot of posts this evening!! But I couldn’t leave this one out. I bought a frame for the completed horse design but didn’t like it too much. The frame is beautiful but the mat cut off some of the picture so I had to go and search for another one. I found this simple frame at WalMart on sale for $5 and it fits just right!! It’s simple and perfect for the design. I think it makes the dress color pop even more because it’s still a dark, neutral color like most of the design.

It’s now hung in bug’s room and she loves it. She’s convinced that that is her and Spirit. (Spirit is a cratoon movie with horses that she saw and has been in love with them ever since.)

Anyway, I’m so happy to have it completed. My first actual project and it’s completed and looks pretty darn good!!


3 Responses to “Finally framed!!”

  1. kaghos Says:

    your girl and horse framed beautifully

  2. Ginny Says:

    The framing turned out beautiful! I know that your daughter will admire it everyday and think about you.

  3. K. Marie Says:

    Thanks!! I’m so happy that she loved it. It had a few “modifications” in it but she loved it nonetheless. The fact that it meant so much to her made me so happy. Even hubby was proud of it. 😀

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