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Family fun and school June 10, 2012

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Well the hubby’s dad, sister and nephew came over Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon so I didn’t get much stitching done. We had a good time just hanging out and visiting and it was quite fun and relaxing. We took bug to a place called Giggle N’ Jump which is basically a big room filled with kid’s toys and 5 or 6 moon walks/slides. She had a good time and so did we. We were planning on BBQing but the heat index was up to 114 degrees here so there was no way that that was going to happen!! We wanted to BBQ food, not fry. Lol. (Bad joke, I know but it made me laugh so I had to say it. Hehe.)

On the side of school, I’m in week 7 of my 8 week long semester so that means a short week and then studying for finals next week. After I’m done with finals though I get 2 weeks off before I have to start again so that’ll be nice and relaxing. I’m doing school online so I can stay with bug until she starts school and I’m loving it. She’s growing up so fast and I just want to take in as much of her as I can until I start working and she starts school.

It’s been a good weekend and right now hubby and I are watching Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos and we’re laughing our butts off while bug is watching Dino Dan in her room. She’s really getting into that show so she’s liking things other than cartoons. Lol. I hope everyone has a good week!!


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