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New project June 14, 2012

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This is my new project that I’m going to start. I’m hoping to get it done rather quickly because I’m making it for hubby. It’s a sentimental thing for him and I want to get it stitched and framed as soon as I can. Seeing as I have 2 weeks off of school, after finals next week, I’ll hopefully get quite a bit done. It’s a 10.5 in by 14.25 in (the design) and it looks like quite a bit of it is taken up by the cross and words so I hope I won’t take too long on it.

I have read though that some of the threads are hard to separate because they look so much alike. Most kits that I have come with the threads sorted in a thread sorter, but not this one. They’re just all in there together so I have to separate then. I know that OTT lights can do good to show true colors but I can’t shell out the money to buy one right now so I’m going to have to hope my eyes can distinguish between the colors.

I’m not sure if I’m going to start it today so I haven’t added a start date yet but will as soon as I get the first stitch in it.


8 Responses to “New project”

  1. kaghos Says:

    that is going to be a beautiful piece

    • K. Marie Says:

      I’m hoping so. I always want pieces I do for other pepole to be perfect so I feel a bit more pressure when I’m going them. *Just breathe* Hehe.

  2. I love ‘Footprints’ it will look lovely when it is done =)

  3. janicelynn Says:

    i like your blog and visit regularly — that is why i have nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

  4. sarah Says:

    i just got this one and am having trouble with the colors. is there any help you can give

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