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How do you count outlines? June 19, 2012

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I was reading over the blogs earlier and saw that a few stitchers are keeping track of their progress by counting the rows and stitches to see what percent they have completed. Since this is my first pattern that a big part of it really has a stitch filling in most of it I thought that I’d like to do that too.

But alas, I have a problem. Footprints is made up of the 4 different parts of the outside of the cross (not a big problem to count really) and then the majority of the inside is the outlining/lettering. How would I count that? I want to keep a pretty close to accurate count of how far I’ve gotten but can’t figure out how to work the lettering in to the count.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to leave it as “__% done plus the outlining” everytime but have no earthly idea how to count the letters. HELP!!


2 Responses to “How do you count outlines?”

  1. Ginny Says:

    I am not sure on that. I typically don’t count my stitches. To say that I have to stitch 7000 stitches makes me start to panic :o) Would be interesting to know though.
    Like your new look.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Lol. It does sound a bit intimidating. I’d like to try it with this project and see how it works out. I think when I see the percent complete it’s really going to be an encouragement because sometimes it doesn’t look like much got done.

      Thanks, I decided I wasn’t too happy with the other look so I changed it up a bit. We’ll see how long this one lasts. 😉

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