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Percent complete June 20, 2012

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So after about half an hour of counting stitches and outlines I think I’ve figured out how to do my stitch count. I counted all of the boxes that have a stitch in them whether it’s a half stitch, whole stitch or 2 half stitches (counted as 1 stitch) and added all of those together and got 12,007. Then, for my letters I counted over all of the lines that I would stitch and came out with 2,515. (All of  those stitches counted by hand!! Geez) Afterwards, I added both the boxed stitches and the lettering and came to a total of 14,522 stitches that I have to do (not including the backstitching). That’s a whole heck of a lot of stitches!!

I looked over the part that I already stitched and counted those stitches and came up with 383 stitches that I have done so far. Geez that number looks so small!! That means that percentage wise I have completed 2.64% of the project. (I haven’t stitched any more yet because I wanted to be able to use the percent for the Tuesday update.) I think it’s so small because I counted the lettering but I didn’t think it was fair to leave it out because that’s a big part of the project. I think once I get some of the lettering done it’s going to be a big difference in how much is completed.

I’m going to start keeping track on how much I do from update to update by switching between pink and yellow highlighters so that I can just count up the new highlighted parts and add it to the number from the last update instead of having to count it over and over again each time.

*June 19th – 2.64% complete


2 Responses to “Percent complete”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Wow, 14,000 stitches. Makes me want to run away. I think I would rather not know how many stitches my project has. I would probably be constantly counting, wondering how many more stitches I have to go. I’ll be watching you count your stitches instead, hehe.

  2. K. Marie Says:

    I know how you feel. Even before I counted the stitched for the letters I was still at almost 12,000 stitches!! That’s a whole lot of stitches to get done. I definitely think that this project is much bigger than any other one I’ve done.
    I may or may not continue to count stitches after this project. I’ll have to see if it’s more depressing or uplifting to count them every week. Lol.

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