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Tuesday update (@ 12:04 am) June 27, 2012

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Sadly I didn’t get much stitching done between the two updates. It was a busy day today but I did get some done. It looks a little more filled in now.



I thought about not adding the pictures but figured that I wanted to keep up with it as long as there was some change.

I only got 159 more stitches done which means I’ve now completed 8.46%. It’s definitely getting there slower than I wanted but it’s still trudging along.


2 Responses to “Tuesday update (@ 12:04 am)”

  1. Ginny Says:

    You post as many pictures as you want. I will enjoy watching you stitch. It is looking good. Don’t look at how much more you have to go. Look at what you have stitched already. You are doing great.
    I cracked a nail from the tip, diagonally down to the finger tip :o( I know you will have sympathy for me. Hehe
    The polish is cracked, but I am going to slap on a coat of clear and hope that will hold for a few days until I have accepted the fact that it is broke and I will have to cut it down.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thank you Ginny!! I think that I do get a bit down when I see how much more I have to do. I hope to get a good amount done this week.

      OUCH!! I’ve had that happen to my nails before (a few times it was even so far down that I had to wait to cut it until it grew out some more) and when I got over the pain I realized that this meant my nails were going to have to be cut. I can deal with a tiny difference in the lengths but not a huge one.

      Right now I have 2 nails left that are hanging on and haven’t broken yet but the other 8 are gone. 😦 I’m thinking that it was the water at Sea World that weakened them (even though I had a hardener on them) and they just started breaking, splitting and needing to come off. They’re so short that they are almost down to the complete tops of my finger tips.

      I’m holding on to the last two but I know that I have to cut them, too. I’m crossing my stubby nailed fingers that yours will hang in there!!

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