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A girls night July 31, 2012

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This is the result of hubby having to stay overnight at training. I had school work to catch up on but bug wanted me to paint her nails, so I made her a deal. If she would let me do my school work in peace then I would paint her nails when I was done. About an hour and a half later we were sitting on the floor and being goofy painting our nails. There is no nail art on our nails but still they look good. It was a nice night for us, but hubby was missed by both of us. Bug picked her own nail color and it came out really good. I’m not sure why I don’t go to this color for me more often. It’s beautiful!!


How do I always manage to mess up a project?? July 29, 2012

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When I was about halfway done with the first side I thought that I was off a but but wasn’t sure. Well, now that I am to the top of the other side I know I was off.

I’m not sure if u can tell but….


The left side had an extra row. They weren’t even so I had to add another row on the right side.

Here’s a close up:


On the top of the right side there are 6 stitches done. There are only supposed to be 3 but I had to throw an extra row on there.

How in the world do I always manage to miscount somewhere?? I hope this doesn’t throw off the lettering because they are centered in the cross.  *sigh*


Teaching someone to cross stitch….

Is interesting. Lol. When sis (my sister in law) was down visiting from NC on Monday I was showing her how to cross stitch. She said she had a kit at home she was going to do but got totally confused once she opened it up and looked at the chart. She said she wondered how she was going to make a little heart or a diamond in one hole; she was talking about the symbols on the chart. Lol.
So, once I explained to her that there is no way I would be doing this craft if you had to do something like that, 😛 , I pulled out my footprints and explained as much as I could to her.
My problem was that I was trying to tell her everything I knew and I think I overloaded her. Uh-oh, sorry. Lol. I had to rexplain a few things and keep it simple so I didn’t go off on another rant. Afterwards, I gave her a scroll frame I wasn’t ever going to use, because I’m loyal and addicted to me Rolaframes, and a hoop just in case. I also gave her a gold needle so she had one to use and didn’t have to use the one in the kit.
Fastforward to last night. I was doing school work, which is why I don’t blog so much anymore, grrrr, and I got a call from her asking about how to start. She said she already had her fabric in the frame and was calling to make sure she understood. We went over a few things and then she was off and going at it. I got another call about 30 minutes later asking me if it took me a while to get the hang of it cause it was taking her forever and she was getting discouraged. I told her it usually takes a while and just stick with it.
Another 30 minutes passed and she called again. She had done an uh-oh. She stitched 63 or so stitches (I guess she was stitch counting. Lol) as whole cross stitches but when she went back to look at the directions they were supposed to be halves. I told her she’s going to have to frog it and start over. That didn’t make her very happy.  😦   I told her the upside was that with half stitches it would only take her half the time. So, she is doing it all over again.
This is how much she had done that she had to frog:


I know it doesn’t look like much, but for someone doing their first project frogging the first 63 stitches you have ever done is quite discouraging. I have faith in her though. I know she can do it, and hopefully I will have some of her progress to show to encourage beginners.  😀


Hump day update!! July 25, 2012

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I’m happy with this update this week. I have completed all of the water portions. I’m now on to the sand and the right side footprints.

This is how it’s looking now:


And the project as a whole so far:


I’m not going to lie, I’ve become a bit addicted to finishing this project. I have a whole load of school work I have to get finished but I still like working on the project more.  😉

I may have a few random updates this week, if time permits, so be prepared. Lol.


Well this is a different kind of nail oops July 18, 2012

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While working on my stitching I had an oops with my nail. This is the end result:

little nail

It’s all the way down below the fingertip!!  😦
Now, the crazy part is how it got that way. It looks a bit painful so I’m warning you now.

If you are still reading, here it is:


That’s right, the needle is through my nail. I’m not too sure how it happened but I ended up with a hole in my nail. Later on it ended up breaking off, so that’s another nail down. When it happened Bug saw it and I thought that she was going to freak out. Instead, she said, “Mommy squeeze my hand if it hurts. I’m going to take it out, okay?” Sure enough, after a little bit of a struggle, she was able to pull it out and make it all better.  🙂  My little nurse.

This just goes to show you, stitching can be dangerous!!


Hump day update

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I have 2 different pics of the update but there’s a reason for that. The first set of pics is with 3 colors completed. I’m so happy I got 3 fully done!!


And up close….


Now I was able to get a little more done and am almost done with a 4th color.
This is the official hump day update pic

What’s done so far….


The two sides together (a little closer shot)…


And an up close shot of the second side….


I’ve made quite a but of progress and I think maybe it’s because I’m focusing on the water first instead of jumping around. I’ll keep doing it this way to hopefully keep up the pace.


Nail art update

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I completed my nails less than a week ago and, sadly, 5 of my 10 nails have already chipped and 1 broke. I’ve learned that this always happens when I use a certain top coat….


See the chipped nails? (The index finger on this hand chipped so bad that the nail broke.) And this is just on one hand. The other one looks about the same.


In my opinion, Sally Hansen Insta Dri is fine if you want your nails to dry rather quickly but not if you want your polish to last. My first chip happened the second day after my nail art was done. So sad.
Next time I will have a bit more time set aside so I can use my other top coat so it won’t chip so easily.  😦


An awesome find!! (For those who have couches with arms) July 17, 2012

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I was browsing a website that I sometimes order things from and I discovered something that some of you may find handy. http://www.lakeside.com/Stationery-%2B-Crafts/Sewing/Armchair-Sewing-Caddy/prod660168.jmp?sorted=Y&navAction=push&fm=topnav&categoryId=cat52196&navCount=0

Now, sadly for me our couches don’t have arms on them so I’m not able to use this. However, if it did I can guarantee you that it’d be hanging on there 24/7 with all of my cross stitch essentials stuffed inside!! How convenient is this?? And for the price, come on!!  🙂 While I’m not too thrilled about the print it’s something that I’d be able to get over. I just thought that I’d drop by and share this with you.

Remember, tomorrow is Wednesday which means my Hump Day Update is coming!! Super excited about it!!


Finally some more nail art!! July 14, 2012

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I finally decided to polish my nails and do some stamping on them. Now I warn you, I haven’t done this for a bit so they are a bit sloppy.

Before I cleaned up around them….




And up close….


I was going to do all flowers but they didn’t cover my nail so I improvised and threw some fishnet design on the bottom. Then I thought they would look good with some dots so I took my dotting tool to them. I definitely need to get back into the stamping mode. Hopefully my next one will be better, but for now here it is. This is for Ginny who inspired my to get off my tush and get to polishing.  🙂


Hump day update July 11, 2012

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It took me a while to get started on the other section because I had to do the outlining of the first section. I’ve gotten quite a bit of the water done so far so I know theres some progress.


When you look at it up close you can see the outline of the while first section and a bit on the shell too. Plus it makes it easier to see how many of the blue stitches I’ve done so far.


I’m going to hopefully keep up the pace so it’ll be done within a few months, or a month if I’m lucky!!