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A sick week July 3, 2012

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This week both hubby and bug were sick. Hubby had a throat infection which was kicking his butt so he had to get a lot of rest and bug had an upper respiratory infection (I think that’s a fancy way of saying she had a cold) so it had to be a bit of a mellow week this week. While bug was a bit more active than hubby I had to find something for her to do that would keep her still because she was still sick.

So I took her with me to Walmart to get some skeins of thread that I needed and we found this:


Bug all but grabbed it right off the shelf and for $10 I thought it wasn’t too bad. There’s 2 different birdhouses, a bird feeder and a wind chime that she gets to paint. So we got it and I grabbed her a little paint palette so she could use that to have her paint in because she loves to paint. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last project she does. When we got home, I set up a little area on the kitchen table just in case things got a little messy, and she got right to it….


I told her she could paint them anyway she wanted but she was determined to make it look like it did on the box. Lol. She spent about an hour painting that day. Then, we let the paint dry and hubby and I glued it together. She is almost finished with her first one but she has to paint it a bit more and then we add a little glitter and the string so we can hang it.



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