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My skein nemesis!! July 3, 2012

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When hubby and bug were feeling a bit better I dragged them into Austin with me so I could go to the Michaels closest to us. It’s almost an hour away so the ride was part of the trip too. Lol. When we got there I found a shadowbox to put some of hubby’s stuff in for him so he could hang it on his wall. Bug and I threw it together realy quick and hubby loved it, though he has yet to hang it on his wall. I know it’ll get there one day though.  🙂

Anyhoo, I went to get some skeins for the Sleeping Beauty and the Geishas in the magazines that I picked up and found them for 35 cents each (I still need the seed beads but forgot to put them on the list so I didn’t grab any of those). That’s only 5 cents more than at our Walmart so I grabbed all of the ones that I needed, well almost. I wasn’t too suprised to find out that the braid I needed wasn’t there so I still need that one. But there was one other one that I can’t believe is still evading me!!

The braid I need

They didn’t have it at Walmart and at Michaels I found everything else EXCEPT for 3849!! They had every other color there except for that one!! Are you serious?? Oh I got so frustrated. I even dragged hubby over there to help me look for it and we still couldn’t find it. Grrr…. I can’t believe that out of all the skeins they had the only one that was sold out was the one I needed. So not happy.  >:-[

My nemesis!!


4 Responses to “My skein nemesis!!”

  1. shondratasha Says:

    Want me to hit my stash and see if I have what you need? If not, I can hit an LNS for you. Which braid do you need>

  2. Missus Tribble Says:

    I get most of my skeins from eBay, or if hubby is in town he might stop by the sewing shop and bring home some nice little surprises for me 🙂

    • K. Marie Says:

      I got quite a big stash from eBay, that’s what made my stash grow quite a bit. But from there, there were some other ones that I needed and I had to go out and find some. With the cost at the stores vs the eBay costs I save quite a bit sometimes. There’s also stitching sites where the threads are cheaper too, 123stitch.com, and it’s probably where I’m going to get my extras I need. But if you’re looking for a big lot of threads then I’d definitely recommmend eBay.

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