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Hump day update July 11, 2012

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It took me a while to get started on the other section because I had to do the outlining of the first section. I’ve gotten quite a bit of the water done so far so I know theres some progress.


When you look at it up close you can see the outline of the while first section and a bit on the shell too. Plus it makes it easier to see how many of the blue stitches I’ve done so far.


I’m going to hopefully keep up the pace so it’ll be done within a few months, or a month if I’m lucky!!


14 Responses to “Hump day update”

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart Says:

    I love how the water looks. I’m so excited to see the ocean finished. It’s going to be beautiful!

    • K. Marie Says:

      I agree!! I’m trying to finish up the water on the right side before I move on to the sand just so that I can feel like it’s a part that is complete.

  2. I love the progress so far! It’s looking great and it’s always nice to see new stitches on the plain white fabric.

    • K. Marie Says:

      It sure is. It makes me feel good to finish off one part then get to the next blank part so I can start working on it. It’s like starting a project all over again!! Hehe.

  3. Missus Tribble Says:

    Is this piece based on the “Footprints” poem? It’s absolutely gorgeous 🙂

    • K. Marie Says:

      If you are talking about the one in the bible then yes. It’s one of hubby’s favorites and it’s one of the most beautiful cross stitch ones I found.

      • Missus Tribble Says:

        Even though I’m Wicca I have always loved that poem – since childhood. I’ve been looking out for a good cross-stitch of it myself, but I resolved to finish as many unfinished projects as I can this year!

      • K. Marie Says:

        I think that no matter what you believe people can connect to things in different ways.
        I’m only allowing myself to work on one project at a time because I think I’d keep jumping around if I didn’t and nothing would ever get finished. Lol

  4. thisisthecraftyone Says:

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Ginny Says:

    It’s coming along great!!

  6. kaghosJ Says:

    the foot steps is really coming along very nicely, super job

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