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Nail art update July 18, 2012

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I completed my nails less than a week ago and, sadly, 5 of my 10 nails have already chipped and 1 broke. I’ve learned that this always happens when I use a certain top coat….


See the chipped nails? (The index finger on this hand chipped so bad that the nail broke.) And this is just on one hand. The other one looks about the same.


In my opinion, Sally Hansen Insta Dri is fine if you want your nails to dry rather quickly but not if you want your polish to last. My first chip happened the second day after my nail art was done. So sad.
Next time I will have a bit more time set aside so I can use my other top coat so it won’t chip so easily.Β  😦


8 Responses to “Nail art update”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Oh, that’s so sad :o( I’m sorry that happened. I use OPI base coat and top coat and Qtica half time nail drip to dry. I try to re-apply top coat once or twice a week. Once the polish chips, I take it off as the polish will peel a layer of your nail with it. I almost always use OPI nail polish, though lately I have been using the China Glaze Metallix. There is a question I keep forgetting to ask you. What do you use as the “paint” with your nail plates? I am probably going to run out of the few colors that I have (or they will dry up) and I don’t have a resource locally to get them anynore. A nail tech has told me not to use enamel over enamel and I an not sure what this “paint” stuff is that I purchased from the kiosk from the mall.

    • K. Marie Says:

      When my polish chips I have a bad habit of peeling it off and peeling parts of my nail off in the process. I’m trying to stop doing that but it’s a bad habit. 😦

      With my nail plates I just use regular nail polish. I usually Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes because they work really well with the plates. Also the China Glaze “Romance” collection works really well too.
      Usually it’s anything that is a quick dry because it’s thicker than regular polishes. Sometimes it’s a trial and error but the InstaDri’s and CG’s Romance collection work really well.

      • Ginny Says:

        Yes, you need to stop peeling that polish off as well as layers of your nail. This weakens them and makes them susceptible to breaking. Thanks for the info on the polish to use with the plates. I will check them out the next time I am shopping.

      • K. Marie Says:

        I know. It’s a bit addicting though because the polish peels off so easily, especially in the shower. Tsk, tsk tsk

  2. skaytanik Says:

    I have no problem with this stuff, but I also use a basecoat, which makes a huge difference πŸ™‚

  3. skaytanik Says:

    my nails are also shorter, though πŸ˜›

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