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Well this is a different kind of nail oops July 18, 2012

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While working on my stitching I had an oops with my nail. This is the end result:

little nail

It’s all the way down below the fingertip!!  😦
Now, the crazy part is how it got that way. It looks a bit painful so I’m warning you now.

If you are still reading, here it is:


That’s right, the needle is through my nail. I’m not too sure how it happened but I ended up with a hole in my nail. Later on it ended up breaking off, so that’s another nail down. When it happened Bug saw it and I thought that she was going to freak out. Instead, she said, “Mommy squeeze my hand if it hurts. I’m going to take it out, okay?” Sure enough, after a little bit of a struggle, she was able to pull it out and make it all better.  🙂  My little nurse.

This just goes to show you, stitching can be dangerous!!


14 Responses to “Well this is a different kind of nail oops”

  1. Missus Tribble Says:

    This puts a whole new spin on the idea of nail piercing. Ouch! :/

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart Says:

    That’s happened to me before, except it got my finger instead of just the nail. Talk about painful! I guess that’s the price we pay for stitching, lol.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Oh wow!! I feel a bit better now. Is that bad?? Hehe.
      Who knew this could be so dangerous?

      • cross(stitch)yourheart Says:

        Not at all, I thought I was the only person who could manage to stab myself with a cross-stitch needle so I feel better knowing it’s not just me too ; )

      • K. Marie Says:

        Lol. I know!! I’m not too sure how it happened but it managed to stab a hole right through my nail. Hmmm….those things are more dangerous than they look. 😉

  3. Ginny Says:

    Oh my gosh, girl! That puts a whole new spin on stitching! Poor nail. But I think it is a good thing you hit the nail instead of your finger. You probably would have had blood all over your stitching.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Oh I didn’t even think of that!! I think if that happened I would’ve been more upset about the work than about my finger. I mean come on, I have 9 other fingers but only one Footprints!! 😉

  4. That could have been so much worse! Ouch! Have a great weekend. Avis x

  5. thisisthecraftyone Says:

    Occupational hazard… I’m always stabbing myself! Just clumsy I guess, though the joy of not really having nails is I’ve never done that!

  6. Sue Pollock Says:

    Ouch! Thankfully I’ve never done this to the actual nail, but I’ve sure made a lot of boos boos with the fingers. In fact, I broke the eye of a needle just two nights ago and while fiddling with it, the broken needle ripped the knuckle. Blood was invovled so that sort of put a damper on the stitching for a while.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Oh that would’ve broken my heart. I’ve been working so hard on this project so if I would’ve gotten blood on it I would’ve been so down.

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