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Teaching someone to cross stitch…. July 29, 2012

Is interesting. Lol. When sis (my sister in law) was down visiting from NC on Monday I was showing her how to cross stitch. She said she had a kit at home she was going to do but got totally confused once she opened it up and looked at the chart. She said she wondered how she was going to make a little heart or a diamond in one hole; she was talking about the symbols on the chart. Lol.
So, once I explained to her that there is no way I would be doing this craft if you had to do something like that, πŸ˜› , I pulled out my footprints and explained as much as I could to her.
My problem was that I was trying to tell her everything I knew and I think I overloaded her. Uh-oh, sorry. Lol. I had to rexplain a few things and keep it simple so I didn’t go off on another rant. Afterwards, I gave her a scroll frame I wasn’t ever going to use, because I’m loyal and addicted to me Rolaframes, and a hoop just in case. I also gave her a gold needle so she had one to use and didn’t have to use the one in the kit.
Fastforward to last night. I was doing school work, which is why I don’t blog so much anymore, grrrr, and I got a call from her asking about how to start. She said she already had her fabric in the frame and was calling to make sure she understood. We went over a few things and then she was off and going at it. I got another call about 30 minutes later asking me if it took me a while to get the hang of it cause it was taking her forever and she was getting discouraged. I told her it usually takes a while and just stick with it.
Another 30 minutes passed and she called again. She had done an uh-oh. She stitched 63 or so stitches (I guess she was stitch counting. Lol) as whole cross stitches but when she went back to look at the directions they were supposed to be halves. I told her she’s going to have to frog it and start over. That didn’t make her very happy.Β  😦   I told her the upside was that with half stitches it would only take her half the time. So, she is doing it all over again.
This is how much she had done that she had to frog:


I know it doesn’t look like much, but for someone doing their first project frogging the first 63 stitches you have ever done is quite discouraging. I have faith in her though. I know she can do it, and hopefully I will have some of her progress to show to encourage beginners.Β  πŸ˜€


12 Responses to “Teaching someone to cross stitch….”

  1. Missus Tribble Says:

    I never count my stitches – haven’t done for years! All I need to know when I look at a chart is where to begin, what particular code is being used for the different threads and that I need 5 stitches in that colour here and seven stitches in this colour there.

    She’ll pick it up, and then she’ll be as hooked as we are πŸ™‚

  2. Stasha Says:

    That’s a large kit to start with as a first project. I usually start newbies off with a small design which they can finish in a hour or so.

    • Stasha Says:

      I meant to add that I wish her the best and hope she has the perseverance to finish it.

      • K. Marie Says:

        I know she’ll finish it, I’m just not sure how long it’ll take. Once she starts something and is determined, she finishes it. She’ll learn patience too, I hope. πŸ™‚

    • K. Marie Says:

      She actually got it before she came over here. My first project was pretty big too and although there were a few “modifications” it came out really good. I got a lot of practice and learned patience. Lol

  3. Sue Pollock Says:

    You know, there is an old saying that one learns by their mistakes, and as hard as that sounds, it is true. Please let her know that even experienced stitchers make mistakes and have to frog, or at least I do at times and I’ve stitched for more than 40 years. If she sticks with it, she’ll get the hang of it in nothing flat. Hey, she’s in North Carolina so she WILL get it…I’m a native of NC and still live there today; it’s hard to get us down with anything. LOL

    • K. Marie Says:

      I reassure her that when she gets the hang of it she’ll be off and running. She called me the next day telling me she was picking up some threads so she can have them if she needs them. Basically she has started stashing. Lol

  4. cross(stitch)yourheart Says:

    Tell her good luck! I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it, although I agree that seems to be a tough pattern for someone who is just starting out in cross stitch. But we all end up having to scrap stitches and start over every now and then, so she’ll be okay!

  5. Ginny Says:

    We can’t help wanting to share everything we are passionate about. She will learn a lot on the way and will remember things you told her. I wish her all the luck in the world with her first piece and hope that cross stitch will become a great hobby for her.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thank you. From what she had told me, her project has full and half stitches, backstitching and maybe a few french knots. She sure did pick a project that will teach her a lot. πŸ™‚

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