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Hump day update August 29, 2012

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Okay, I’m a bit short on time because I have to get bug to bed, but I had to get my update in.

Here is the up close picture. You can see part of the shell that is coming together. I’m almost done with it….


Looking at my last update I’m really happy with how much I got done. I was hoping to have the whole left side done before I updated, but that didn’t happen. It’s making everything come together too.

Here’s the whole shot:


I think I’m going to wait on the back stitching because the left and right sides go together do the outlining is almost the same. Now to go put the princess to bed. Goodnight WP!!


Finally used my magnetic polish!!

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I had some spare time today so I thought I’d give my new polish a go. I took off my old polish and put on a base coat yesterday so that cut down on the time I needed.

After reading the directions, I put one coat on and let it dry. And I must say I am extremely happy with the drying time, super fast.


Then I put on a thick coat and held the magnet above it. Here’s my thumb:


And the rest of my nails:


(Who is that puppy sleeping in the back? Lol.)

I love the way these turned out but it looks more black/purple then it does any color of pink. I can honestly say that I will be adding more of these to my collection. They are so easy to do and the effect is awesome.  🙂


Who are you??

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Who are you 2***5 and why don’t you want me to have this magazine??


We have both been bidding it up to a ridiculous price but I think $20 is too much for a single magazine. I’ll let you have it because that’s just too much for me. Hmph!!


Happy anniversary to us!! August 25, 2012

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It’s been 6 years to the day that hubby and I said our I dos. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s always been worth it. I have been blessed with an amazing husband who is the greatest daddy my bug could ever ask for.

Today was quite a nice day. My fil (father-in-law) came over last night so he was here for our anniversary. Lol. We had a good day.

Hubby didn’t know what to get me but I found something I liked and what does he tell me? That’s too much for what it is. Well hmph!! I end up leaving the store without it and we go to CVS. Guess what I found Ginny!!


Yup. The first one I own. I showed it to hubby and he says sure he’ll buy it, Happy Anniversary. I’m thinking at least I got something I wanted and it was from him.

Well, later in the evening I find a card and the exact thing I wanted (which was too expensive) sitting on my bedside table. Sneaky, sneaky.  🙂 

Here’s what it was….


A beautiful glass perfume bottle. But not just any perfume bottle….


It’s one of the old school ones without the pump on it. I’ve never had one of these so I was so happy with it.

And there is something else that makes it even more special


It says “My love. How do I love thee. Let me count the ways.” And it’s see thru so you can see what is painted on the back through the front of it


It’s simply gorgeous. I love love love it!!


Hump day update!! August 22, 2012

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Well you know what day it is. It’s time for my update!! I haven’t gotten as much done as I wanted to because it’s been a hectic week and I haven’t really gotten to work on my stitching. Still, I got a good bit done and I’m on to the whole stitches on the left side.

Here’s where I am so far


You can almost see the outline for the star shaped shell. The half stitches aren’t coming out as bad as I thought they would either.

This is what the project looks like right now


The left side has a lot of color changes coming up so it’ll probably take a bit for me to do. *sigh* I wanted it done by the 27th cause that’s hubby’s birthday but it’s obvious that isn’t going to happen.  😦   I guess I will just get it done as soon as I can.

* Just as a heads up, my next update might not be too much more cause Monday is hubby’s birthday and on the 25th is our 6 year anniversary so it’s going to be a busy weekend.  🙂


Hump day update August 15, 2012

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I’ve completed the wording!! That took so much longer than I thought it would. But it looks pretty good and I’m happy I got it done.

Here’s a close up of the stitching part I finished


After I finished the wording I stitched the other outline of the top part of the cross so I can fill in the sides.

Here’s the cross so far


Not all of it is shown because it’s on a scroll frame. I prefer it that way though because I can’t see the entire work until it’s fully completed.  🙂

Now most of the top parts are half cross stitches so I hope it’ll get done quickly. I’m just worried too much of the fabric will show though because the pattern calls for 1 stand of thread too. We’ll see!!

*I forgot to mention that I’m saving the top part of the cross with the big word footprints and a big shell for last. That way it’ll tie it all in together.  🙂


Spicing up a mani August 9, 2012

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Because our nails are already polished I figured why not add some oomph to them? We had a little stamping session today and here’s the results:

Bug got stars and polka dots on her fingers


And I added some actual gold colored stars to her thumbs


Mine was a little simpler, just a nice whole nail design


The two of us used the same purple, China Glaze’s Harmony, for the stamping and it came out really good.


This just goes to show that you don’t have to buy the uber expensive special made polishes for stamping. There are regular polishes that work just as well and may even look prettier cause they have a bit of a shine/sparkle to them.