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Hump day update August 15, 2012

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I’ve completed the wording!! That took so much longer than I thought it would. But it looks pretty good and I’m happy I got it done.

Here’s a close up of the stitching part I finished


After I finished the wording I stitched the other outline of the top part of the cross so I can fill in the sides.

Here’s the cross so far


Not all of it is shown because it’s on a scroll frame. I prefer it that way though because I can’t see the entire work until it’s fully completed.  🙂

Now most of the top parts are half cross stitches so I hope it’ll get done quickly. I’m just worried too much of the fabric will show though because the pattern calls for 1 stand of thread too. We’ll see!!

*I forgot to mention that I’m saving the top part of the cross with the big word footprints and a big shell for last. That way it’ll tie it all in together.  🙂