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Hump day update August 1, 2012

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I’m sooooooo elated with this post. Most of u can tell when I get this excited it’s because I’ve accomplished something, and this time is no different. Guess what I did today….I completed the bottom right side of the project!! This is what the completed side looks like….


Having the right side completed means that I now have the entire bottom part, aside from the wording, completed!! I’m so happy to have this done because the top part has a lot of half stitches so I’m hoping that it’ll come along a bit quicker so that I can get to the wording.

Sorry for the so-so quality of the photos but the one above is just what was completed today and this is the entire project so far….


I wanted to get it completed before I posted my update. I’m debating as to whether I should fill in the lettering on the bottom first and then move on to the top part or just go to the top part and do the lettering last. I’m leaning more towards doing the bottom lettering so I can maybe hide that part from hubby when I scroll it up. Hehe.

*I posted a little late tonight because we had an incident this evening. We were getting ready to tuck hubby into bed and kept telling bug to stop jumping around. I go into the bathroom, hear a loud thunk and bug starts crying. I get in our bedroom and she’s holding her head and her face; the poor baby had rolled off of the bed and landed on the floor. When I asked her what it was that she hit she said the floor and when I asked her what part of her hurt she said everything. It might not sound too funny but it was at the time. I was chuckling at her answers and hubby was laughing at how he saw her, turned his back to her and then turned back and she was on the floor, just like that. The laughing didn’t help but she was okay.  😀