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Been quite busy lately September 26, 2012

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With a whole bunch of different things. First, I got an email from my school telling me I needed to fill out a graduation packet because I’m almost in my last semester. I’ve been doing crazy amounts of school work because I want to keep my GPA up. Whew!! It’s getting tougher but I’m almost done. I’m doing online college so I can stay home with bug but get to walk the stage for graduation. I’m uber excited and hubby is so proud of me.

On top of that, the past week was hectic because….


It was bug’s birthday party!! Tomorrow, the 27th, is her official birthday but we had her party at the bowling alley last Saturday. She loved it!! We had family and friends come and she really loved when everyone sang happy birthday to her.


She also got to hang out with her cousin that she doesn’t see too often anymore cause she is going to school this year.


Overall, it was an awesome day, even when everyone was trying to figure out how to get her rope for her pinata over the tree branch. (If you look closely at bug she’s getting mad cause hubby is wearing my shoes. Hehe)


On top of all of that, I’ve been trying to keep stitching so I get my projects done by Christmas time. I’ve been quite a busy bee!!


2 Responses to “Been quite busy lately”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Happy Birthday to your little one. She looked quite happy with her cousin. You have been a busy, busy girl. Don’t you just love it when life deals you NO free time?? We squeeze those stitching moments in wherever we can. Hehe

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thank you. She has gotten quite a few happy birthday phone calls today. Lol. She loves them. Life has been keeping me quite busy. I love all the things going on but really wish I had time to just sit down and stitch. Oh life….

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