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Hump day update October 18, 2012

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I realize I didn’t do my update for last week, but things were busy. Bug got sick then I got sick too. She is having to take antibiotics every 6 hours and tomorrow is her last day but it’s been rough on me because I’m sick too so having to wake up and give her her medicine is taking a toll on me. It’s okay though as long as she gets better.

Here you can tell how sick she is because she isn’t the happy smiling baby she usually is:


This is how she normally looks:


Shes getting better every day and she is almost back to her old self again.

Anywhoo….what y’all came to see, my update!! You have to use your imagination here because there is 1 picture for 2 week’s worth of updates.

Last week I only had the parts inside the border and this week is everything else.


I needed some extra threads that I couldn’t find so I had to order them online. Hopefully they will get here soon so I can start putting them in the design. I’ll try to keep up with my updates but it’s been a bit hectic.

On top of everything else I have finals next week so we shall see how things go. Fingers crossed!!