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Hump day update and happy halloween!! October 31, 2012

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Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope everyone had a great day/night. It was quite an eventful one for us. Bug decided that she wanted to be Rapunzel from Tangled this year so after searching our town for a store that had the costume we finally found it at Spirit. It was the last one!! The crown that it came with broke but alas, Bug is ever so resourceful. She went into her room and dug out a crown that she had so she could wear it and be a real princess.¬† ūüôā¬† She got a doll for her birthday from her cousin, Thumper, that she has named Baby Rapunel and she thought that they were twins. She had to have a picture of them two together. This was after her evening out so her hair is in quite an interesting form.¬† ūüėČ





For Halloween, our town has an event¬†in downtown where all the shops set up little booths so that they can pass out candy and the kids can even play games to win the candy. They had a lip syncing contest, which I had never seen before but it was interesting, and a costume¬†contest and a pumpkin carving contest. But had a really good time and she got the hang of telling everyone trick-or-treat and getting candy.¬†She loved that she got to play games for her candy and I’m starting to think that she is going to be a pro at making beanbags and balls into little slots or holes. Lol.





After trick-or-treating¬†all the way down¬†Main St. Bug started saying that her feet hurt so we headed back to the car and went to Whataburger to get something to eat. When we got home Bug told us that they didn’t put any chicken strips in her kids meal. Are you kidding me?! My¬†princess¬†is NOT going to eat just french fries for dinner!! I went straight back down there ready to give them a piece of my mind!! When I got there I saw how¬†swamped they were and felt bad. I settled¬†for a fresh kids meal and an “I’m sorry about that miss.” without any fight. All in all though it was a good night.

And now for the update!! This is what most of you are here for so here goes:





I haven’t looked back at last week’s update to see how far I’ve gotten but I feel like I’ve done a good amount of progress. I’m almost done with the lower half of the pattern and I’m looking forward to getting the top part started. Once I do the rest of the outlining on the dress and the little butterflies on the dress I’ll be done with the bottom. (I should’ve taken pictures of the details to show but I didn’t. *kicking self in the butt*)

The hardest part so far has been the lettering/symbols. I think that it’s because most of it was going through the fabric and I had to recount quite a few times because I had to make sure that it was spaced right. Plus my needle has a little bend in it because I struggled with pushing it through the fabric for the Krenik french knots so that didn’t help. I know most of you are going to say I should switch to another needle, but I’m determined to finish this project with the same needle I started it with. Then when I’m done I’ll have a fresh project and a fresh needle. I’m weird like that. Hehe.¬† ūüėõ





I have ordered 2 little pig cross stitch projects that I expect to receive within the next week or week and a half. I’m going to stitch those for my mom because she loves pigs. We actually had 2 pigs when I was growing up and it all started there. Now whenever we don’t know what to get her we find something with a pig and give it to her. Lol. Hopefully I’ll have time to finish the geisha and the 2 pig kits. *fingers crossed*

Until next time everyone, whip those stitches!!