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7 months later…. June 26, 2013

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I can’t believe that I haven’t been on in more than half a year!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting but things got hectic and I had to put my blog and my stitching on a temporary slow mode/hold. I’ve done quite a bit in the last few months and I’m hoping to get back into my stitching and blogging!! I’ve missed all of you and have quite a few updates to throw on here.

Here we go:

  • I completed my geisha in time for Christmas and got it framed. It looked crooked to me so after a while I just had to throw my hands up and gift it as it was, crooked an all.
  • I have another stitching completed and will post a picture of it soon
  • I’m working on 2 other stitchings and I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish at least one by mid-July so I can start on my next project
  • I am anxiously wanting to start a Sleeping Beauty project

In non-stitching news:

  • I completed college and received my Bachelor’s as well as walked the stage
  • I’m waiting for Bug to start school before I find a job
  • Bug played soccer for a season!! Pictures to come later
  • Hubby got me a new car for graduating and I LOVE it!!
  • I’m trying to start working out again so you may hear some gripes from me about that from time to time
  • We moved Christmastime and now have a little fenced in backyard (not that we can go outside cause it’s sooooo hot here!!)

I have missed everyone and my stitching so I’m crossing my fingers that I can get back into it!! This blog is going to be post heavy for the next couple of days so I can give everyone a bit of the past few months of my life.

Whip those stitches!!


8 Responses to “7 months later….”

  1. Ginny Says:

    OMG I am so glad to see you back! I have missed you. I even stop by your blog from time to time to make sure I didn’t miss hearing from you. It sounds like all good things kept you from blogging, so that is good. Congrats on graduation and the new car! That is awesome. I’m glad to hear that you have finished stitchings and have started new ones and have something lined up. I look forward to seeing all your stitchy stuff. Welcome back 🙂

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thanks so much Ginny!! I really did miss being on here and am so glad to be back. Now I have to sit down and catch up on what everyone else has done since I’ve been gone!!

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart Says:

    Yay! I was so excited to see an update from you in my feed this evening. Looking forward to hearing all about your new projects and life. Congrats on graduating, hope the job search, workouts, and new house all go fabulously.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thank you so much!! I have been looking through all of the posts that I’ve missed on my feed and my, my everyone has been super busy!! I’ve got a lot to catch up on as well as posting my updates. Eek!!

  3. Congratulations on your graduation! What a relief it must be knowing that you don’t have to do anymore school work! Woo-hoo! As for being busy, I know what you mean! Now that the weather is nicer I don’t have nearly as much time as I would like to spend stitching or even blogging. I love summer and try to soak up as much of it as possible. Welcome back!

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thank you!! I can’t even tell you how happy I was to be able to walk the stage and know that everything I did had paid off. I loved doing it but after I finished I didn’t really know what to do with myself. Lol. I was always so busy and then for a couple of months my life went into slow motion and I was kind of lost. Now I’m trying to find a groove again. I can’t say that I’m soaking up summer like you are because it’s in the triple digits already and it’s incredibly hot here!! Glad you’re enjoying the weather though. Soak up some sun for me!!

  4. RavenThreads Says:

    I was thrilled to see your post this evening in my reader! I’ve been wondering how things were with you. I’m going to try and post a stitching update very soon because it seems like I’ve written about everything under the sun except my cross-stitching lately!!

    • K. Marie Says:

      Well thanks for the welcome back. I’m still catching up on all my old readings and hoping that it won’t take too long but everyone has been so busy!! Whether it’s with stitching or not, they’re more updates than I’ve been doing. I’m going to make my way over there to catch up with you too!!

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