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Bug’s soccer season June 27, 2013

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My little princess hasn’t been to school and she doesn’t really get to be around other kids except her cousins and they live almost a hundred miles away so we decided to put her in soccer so she could interact with the other kids.

Her first practice went Okay and she had a hard time talking to her coaches because she is quite shy. We took pictures and she did this weird little thing with her arm when she tried to kick the ball and control it.




Then I was able to snap a few pics from one of her games. I don’t have a whole lot of pictures from her games cause I was too busy screaming but I did get some.



My baby even scored a goal in one of the games and I was so over the moon about it!! The whole team got medals for participation at the end of the season.




I love my baby and this is what she’s been up to. Soccer and growing into a big girl.

Keep those stitches whipping!!


2 Responses to “Bug’s soccer season”

  1. I think it’s cute the way she uses her arm to control the ball.

    • K. Marie Says:

      Ahaha. I didn’t even realize that that is what she was doing!! I just thought she looked goofy. Hehe. She learned how to kick it without using her arm though, thankfully. 😉

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