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4th of July, nails, WIP and a puppy July 11, 2013

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So we’ve been busy since my last post. I didn’t really have time to stitch but I got some done. But first, I did my nails and Bug’s too for 4th of July. I tried to do some little flowers on mine and stick to the red, white and blue theme. Bug wanted some gold stars on hers and her theme is easier to see.



We went to a little pet parade this past weekend and I was able to get Bug a chance to pet a pony. She loves, loves, loves horses so when we saw them in the parade she made me take a picture of every single one. Afterwards, when we were walking back to the car, I saw the ladies putting up one of the ponies and I asked if Bug could pet it. She said sure and was even nice enough to let her take a picture with the pony.


After the weekend finished I repainted my nails, they were chipping anyway, and I used the polishes I got in the mail. They’re holos so they look even more beautiful outside in the sunlight.



I love these polishes. That’s 2 of the 8 colors I received. I know I don’t need anymore polishes but these were holos and I didn’t have any so I needed these. Lol. Hubby just doesn’t understand my logic. Hehe

Now for my WIP, I was able to get some stitches put in there. I finished up most of the dark colors and started on the cream colors on the floor. So far here’s what I’ve got….


I’m hoping I can get more done before next week so I can have a bit more on my next update.

And, last but not least, if u remember we have a puppy named Sugar. She’s a mini poodle and we’ve had her for about a year and a half now.


She looks like she’s smiling here so I had to use this picture.

Anywhoo, I’ve been trying to talk hubby into getting another dog so she won’t be lonely when Bug starts school and I go to work. He’d always been against it saying we couldn’t afford it cause I wanted to adopt another puppy and most of them were between $150 and $200. Well, when we took Sugar to get groomed they were having adoptions at Petco and I fell in love with a doggie. He’d been mistreated and kept in a crate his whole life and because of that his back legs are smushed together and he has to take meds for them. Because of all this, he was only $35 to adopt. My heart went out to the little guy, and guess what….


We brought him home!! He’s a new family member and has only been with us for a few days so far but we love him. His name is Donnie and he’s a 3 year old Chihuahua.

That’s it for this update. Hopefully next week I’ll have more to show y’all!!

Keep those stitches whipping!!


3 Responses to “4th of July, nails, WIP and a puppy”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Yours and Bugs mani’s are very cute. I love the holo polishes you have. I don’t have any as of yet, but they are on my list 🙂 My nail rack is full so hubby always says that I can’t get new polish because I don’t have any room. Guys just don’t get it. Love the progress on your stitching. Your hubby is so sweet to finally give in to getting a new puppy. Donnie is cute. How is fitting into the family and getting along with Sugar?

    • K. Marie Says:

      Thanks Ginny. I just recently learned the 3 stroke method to painting my nails and I must say that after using it with the holos for the first time I’m really liking it. Less mess and my cuticles thank me. Hehe. My nail rack is also full and I’ve even thought of giving away a few polishes so I can have more space but I can’t seem to part with any!! My solution? I’ve started putting them on top of the shelf so they look like there’s space for them. I’m gonna have to sneak in a little shelf for me top coats and base coats. I’m hoping the stitching speeds up a bit and I’m gonna be working on it quite a bit this coming week if all goes well. Hubby didn’t really have a choice in the matter of Donnie. With me and Bug teamed up he didn’t stand a chance. Lol. Donnie and Sugar are still getting to know each other but they have now gotten accustomed to stealing each other’s beds. Lol. Oh sibling love.

  2. Must Have Boxes Says:

    Great nail designs!

    – KW

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