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Spicing up a mani August 9, 2012

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Because our nails are already polished I figured why not add some oomph to them? We had a little stamping session today and here’s the results:

Bug got stars and polka dots on her fingers


And I added some actual gold colored stars to her thumbs


Mine was a little simpler, just a nice whole nail design


The two of us used the same purple, China Glaze’s Harmony, for the stamping and it came out really good.


This just goes to show that you don’t have to buy the uber expensive special made polishes for stamping. There are regular polishes that work just as well and may even look prettier cause they have a bit of a shine/sparkle to them.


Red and pink nails June 5, 2012

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This is the nail design that I did for graduation. I’m not all that satisfied with it because it got smeared a bit because I was in a hurry. It still looks nice but not a favorite.  😦   I wish that the sparkled in the red would’ve shown up but I couldn’t get them to show in any of the pics I took. If you ever get a chance to buy China Glaze’s Ruby Slippers GRAB IT!! It’s a beautiful deep red that has a gorgeous sparkle to it.

*Can you tell I was doing my nails and school work at the same time? No, the computer keyboard doesn’t give that away. Lol.