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Hump day update August 29, 2012

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Okay, I’m a bit short on time because I have to get bug to bed, but I had to get my update in.

Here is the up close picture. You can see part of the shell that is coming together. I’m almost done with it….


Looking at my last update I’m really happy with how much I got done. I was hoping to have the whole left side done before I updated, but that didn’t happen. It’s making everything come together too.

Here’s the whole shot:


I think I’m going to wait on the back stitching because the left and right sides go together do the outlining is almost the same. Now to go put the princess to bed. Goodnight WP!!


Updated update schedule July 10, 2012

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Wow that was a hard title to figure out. I was going to go with updated update but wasn’t sure that would sound quite right. Lol. Now, I know that today is Tuesday and it’s the first day for my twice weekly updates but I think I’m going to have to change that up. School has started up again and the classes that I’m taking right now are a bit harder than the ones in the past and I’ve got a few other things on my plate (I started Insanity today so I think I’m going to need quite a bit of downtime to recover from that every day) so I think I’m only to be doing updates once a week now.

I was trying to decide what day would be the best day to do updates and I decided on Wednesday. It’ll be my hump day update. Hehe. I think it sounds cute. So, when Wednesday comes around be looking for my updates!! Hopefully I’ll have a bit of a difference to show you every week since I get a bit more time to work on it in between updates. *fingers crossed*


Friday update – no more stitch counting July 6, 2012

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I am sooooooo happy with my progress. As you can see there is quite a bit done and the best part….




the bottom left area is completely stitched!! While I still have to do the outlining and the little stitches on the cross part, I consider it mostly complete. I’m happy with the way it turned out and hubby says it’s coming along nicely too.
I’ve decided to stop counting my stitches because it’s just too much extra work to do. I want my cross stitching to be fun and not feel like a chore, but that is what the counting is feeling like to me. I’m just proud of what I got accomplished and can’t wait to move on to the next part.  🙂


Tuesday update (@ 12:15) July 4, 2012

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I have quite a few stitches difference this time, although it may be hard to see because the majority of them are white or light blue.


But, when you look up close you can see the difference a bit better.


You can see where the water is starting to form on the bottom. I couldn’t seem to get a better picture of the up close shot because I wanted the stitches to show and in all of the other ones they were washed out.

As far as the stitch count goes, I got a total of 823 stitches done this time around. That means that my total stitches that I’ve done so far is 2,823; that sounds like a lot but really it’s only 19.44% of the project. I’m almost up to the 20% mark which means I’m almost to 25% which means I’m almost a quarter of the way done, or at least that’s how I prefer to think of it. Hehe.


*The thing that I don’t like about counting stitches is that I don’t work in rows so I have to count the stitches by hand and that takes time away from my stitching. I usually try to get the updates in on the day of, but now that I’m counting the stitches I find myself posting late. I’m not too happy about that, while the jury is still out on whether or not to count stitches in the future they are leaning more towards NO!!  😉


Friday update June 29, 2012

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I feel like I accomplished quite a bit this time. I’m working on the second footprint and then getting to the water. It’s coming along nicely.


It doesn’t look exactly like the other footprint but the outlined shape is still there.


You can almost see where the waves would come in on the bottom right part.

As far as the stitches go I’ve hit 2,000!! I’m on an even 2,000 right now. That means that so far I’ve done 13.8% of the project. That’s quite a jump!! I had to go back and recheck my numbers but, sure enough, I was right. I’m getting that itch to want to start a new project but I’m going to keep this one going. I think once I get to the other side of the cross it’s going to seem as if I’m getting more accomplished.  🙂


Tuesday update (@ 12:04 am) June 27, 2012

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Sadly I didn’t get much stitching done between the two updates. It was a busy day today but I did get some done. It looks a little more filled in now.



I thought about not adding the pictures but figured that I wanted to keep up with it as long as there was some change.

I only got 159 more stitches done which means I’ve now completed 8.46%. It’s definitely getting there slower than I wanted but it’s still trudging along.


Tuesday update June 19, 2012

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I got some stitching done and while it doesn’t look like that much to me, when compared to the other picture I see how far I’ve gotten. When you look at it closely you can see the first footprint and on the top left it’s supposed to be a sea shell. There is some outlining work that needs to be done on it so I think it’ll look better once that is done.


I took another picture from farther away so that you can see how it looks compared to how much of the fabric it’s on (It’s as far left as it’s going to be. Those are the farthest stitches to that side, my fabric is a bit bigger than necessary.) and I must admit, it looks quite a bit better from far away. You can see how it looks like it’s shaded in because of the different colors that were used. I like this picture of it.  😀


But, as you can tell I have quite a bit more to do. I think that this is only the bottom half or so of the fabric so I still have the right side and then the top sides of the cross to do. I’m enjoying doing it though and hoping I can keep it hidden for a while longer. Wish me luck!!

*I forgot to mention, this has a 28 count fabric with it and I was supposed to stitch over 2 on it. I thought to myself “Why do that when I can save the 28 and use a 14 instead and stich over 1?” But, I didn’t have a 14 on hand that would fit the pattern so I am using an 18 count and the finished size should just about fit into an 8×10 frame. I’m hoping that it still looks good. I’ve only stitched on 14 count before so stitching on 18 is a bit of a challenge for my eyes. (Plus now I think I need a new Rx for my reading glasses. What perfect timing, huh?)


Friday update June 15, 2012

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This is what I have done so far on my Footprints. It may seem like a good amount but when u see it from far away….


Not so much. I thought this was going to be quick to stitch up but after looking over the pattern I see that more than half of the design is covered in stitches. The inside of the cross is just about the only place where there aren’t stitches. Eeek!! This pattern even has half stitches and I haven’t done a pattern with those yet so this is going to be quite an interesting project.


Tuesday update June 12, 2012

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Contrary to what I thought I actually got quite a bit of stitching done. This update really shows how much I’ve progressed because it’s on the bigger side bars. I’m happy with how shes coming along.


I an almost done with the stitching so I can move on to the outlining. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to have the stitches done by my next update. Wish me luck!!


Finally framed!! June 5, 2012

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Boy I have a lot of posts this evening!! But I couldn’t leave this one out. I bought a frame for the completed horse design but didn’t like it too much. The frame is beautiful but the mat cut off some of the picture so I had to go and search for another one. I found this simple frame at WalMart on sale for $5 and it fits just right!! It’s simple and perfect for the design. I think it makes the dress color pop even more because it’s still a dark, neutral color like most of the design.

It’s now hung in bug’s room and she loves it. She’s convinced that that is her and Spirit. (Spirit is a cratoon movie with horses that she saw and has been in love with them ever since.)

Anyway, I’m so happy to have it completed. My first actual project and it’s completed and looks pretty darn good!!