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Friday update – no more stitch counting July 6, 2012

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I am sooooooo happy with my progress. As you can see there is quite a bit done and the best part….




the bottom left area is completely stitched!! While I still have to do the outlining and the little stitches on the cross part, I consider it mostly complete. I’m happy with the way it turned out and hubby says it’s coming along nicely too.
I’ve decided to stop counting my stitches because it’s just too much extra work to do. I want my cross stitching to be fun and not feel like a chore, but that is what the counting is feeling like to me. I’m just proud of what I got accomplished and can’t wait to move on to the next part.  🙂


Friday update June 8, 2012

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This is how far I’ve gotten. I’m happy that I got her eyes done because they look so beautiful. Now I just have to finish the other half of her hat. It’s nothing but black thread from here on out (other than the white outlining). I probably won’t get much more done this weekend because the hubby’s dad and sister are coming over later today so it’s going to be a family weekend. Plus I have loads of school work I still have to get done so I’m not on the computer all weekend. *sigh* The things we have to do just to get to the things we want to do. Lol


Tuesday update June 5, 2012

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And this is my beautiful Tuesday update!! I’m soooooo excited with how it’s coming along. I have to scroll up again but had to take a pic to show my progress. I’m up on the head now and can’t wait until I’m finished. She’s really coming along now!!  😀

I’m not really sure how I had time to get this much done because we were exhausted over the weekend but after looking at the Tuesday update and comparing it to this one I see that I’ve gotten quite a bit done!! Oh I’m so excited!!


Friday update

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This is quite late for a Friday update but, as I said, my little brother was graduating and we had a bit of a hectic week last week. I had to hurry to finish a week’s worth of school work by Thursday night and have everything together to go down to make it to the graduation. We ended up turning back around afterwards and coming back home; we got home around 1:30 AM so it was quite tiring. Lol.

This is what I had done by Friday. I made sure to take a pic so I could post it whenever I got the chance. I scrolled up from the last update and this is completely on top of where the last pic’s top ended. (I hope that made sense. Hehe.)


Tuesday update (at 12:38am Wednesday) May 30, 2012

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Okay so I have no idea how to rotate the image so that y’all can see it but the right side is the top and the left side is the bottom. It’s actually about ready to be scrolled up again so I wanted to take a pic before I did. This is the part that is continued from my last pic update and it you look at the top part of the picture you’ll see where the collar is, it’s the lines going across. Also the lighter shade has been put in on some parts to add the contrast that you see in the image of what the work will look like.

I was able to get quite a bit done and have been all but banned from doing housework, but more on that in another post. Hehe. This means that I’ll have time to stitch and do my school work hopefully without a whole lot of stress.

All in all, I think it’s coming along quite nicely. I hope to have another update on Friday but my little brother is graduating then so it’s probably going to be late.  😉


Tuesday update May 22, 2012

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I have finally been able to start some outlining!! I think it doesn’t look like too much because the scroll I have it on is so short. Hmmm, I may have to get another one thats longer.

But now for the pics….


I took another one that shows where it is on the picture too so maybe it can be seen better.


I’m just about done with the bottom quarter and I can scroll up to work on the next part.

I’m excited to be getting it done but not sure how much I’ll get done this week. The hubby had to catch up on college work so hes off work for the next 7 days. Yay!! But this means I’ll want to spend more time with him. I’ll try to get some stitching in after I finish my school work this week and while he catches up on his. Wish me luck and quick stitching this week!!


Tuesday Update May 15, 2012

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This is what my work looks like that I’m working on now. I realize that it’s not a very good shot of it but it is on a scroll frame so I had to take a pic before I moved the work. If I were to take one of how it is now it really would look as if nothing has been done. It looks like a bunch of oddities right now but I think that once I start putting in the outlines it’s going to come along quickly.

Because this project has more outlines than it does actually stitches it’s something that might take a while to form. I do think that this is going to take longer than I thought it would. I first wanted to get it completed by this Thursday but there is no way in the world that that is ever going to happen.

I’m not going to set a time line on this one because I have school work and school projects that I need to get done so when I can stitch I’m definitely going to take advantage of it.

Hopefully my next update will be a bit better and *crossing fingers* have some outlining.


New project May 13, 2012

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So I was going to work on a footprints work for the hubby but found a piece that was partially started and I figured I couldn’t just leave it there so I’ll do that one first.

Here is my new WIP


It’s quite nice and I think it’ll look really good in a frame. I’ve put it on my scroll frame I got in the mail so I can test drive it.  😉


Friday update on Saturday May 12, 2012

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I’ve finally finished it!! This is my Friday update but I purposefully waited until Saturday to post it because around 11:45ish last night I was working on the finishing touches (the outlining and such) so I didn’t want to post it until  I completed it. I’m uber excited to get it framed for my daughter!! She hasn’t seen it yet but she’s so impatient that I’m not sure I can hide it from her until we get a frame. Lol.

I really am quite proud of this piece because it’s the first piece that I completed and it’s a bit larger than I thought it would be. I’ve been working on it for a while but it’s finally done and all the work was so worth it.


*I am a bit disappointed though because somehow I mess up on the fingers and while it might not be that noticeable it’s the first thing that I always see.  😦    However, I did choose to not outline the eye because I think it pops a bit more without being outlined because it’s like a pop of black and brown.


I’ll post pics again after I find a frame to get it in. For right now I’m going to start on another kit and hope to get it done before Thursday because that’s when my other scroll frame is supposed to arrive!!


Friday update 5/4/12 May 5, 2012

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I’ve gotten quite a but done I think but I made some mistakes. Eeek. I’m doing the black with 4 strands because the fabric was showing through. I don’t think it looks too thick and it gives it a bit of extra oomph. Lol